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Wyn Masters races first eMTB World Championship

The UCI held the first ever eMTB World Champs at Mont St Anne, Canada. You may know that it was won by Alan Hatherly from South Africa on a Specialized Levo, who described it as one of the tougher races he had ridden. Think about it – the field is levelled by a 25kph speed limit, so the way to

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The state of the women’s bike market with Liv

Liv is the women-specific sub-brand of Giant bicycles. I had the pleasure of catching up with Nikki Jan and Cassandrou Chou from Liv based in Taichung City, Taiwan. They were in Aotearoa to better understand our market, meeting dealers and Liv ambassadors around the country. We started with a passionate explainer from Nikki about why they have the Liv brand.

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Two years of commuting – costs and benefits

A year ago I wrote a retrospective. That first year involved lots of learning and discovery. The second year has been more of a ‘business as usual’ period, but I still enjoy every day as much. For me the benefits are fun, no frustration, fitness, friendliness (of other riders), freedom. Maybe financial too. Summary: f’ing good. Lately the bottom bracket and

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Chatting with Riese & Müller

While outside Aucklanders were rushing around in their cars in increasing numbers, getting frustrated with traffic, yelling at cyclists, and generally getting stressed, I was learning about the future… and that is eMobility. I met with Catrin and Timo visiting from Germany — who look after international markets for Riese & Müller. They were visiting Maurice from Electric Bike Team, their dealer in New Zealand. The company was

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Europeans continue to meddle with ebike regulations

The European Union styles itself as “The Masters of Regulation” and continue to over-regulate and under deliver on ebikes. In New Zealand, we are largely free of such political meddling and will come up with our own sensible approaches. I’ve often heard people say: “Why do we need our own regulations for ebikes? The Euros practically invented the ebike, make

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Torque Sensor vs Cadence Sensor – which is better?

Ask almost anyone in ebike sales and they will tell you ‘torque sensors are more sophisticated/ more expensive/ more better’. It is partially true (i.e. not an overt lie) but it doesn’t mean that a bike with torque sensor is the best for your needs. Anyway, what’s the difference? A cadence sensor detects if you are pedalling, tells the controller, which then

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