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Biosecurity Dogs go by eBike!

Smart businesses have started to look to ebikes as a way to get around more efficiently. Electricmeg has helped many businesses to get staff onto ebikes safely, but this story is a bit different. It involves cute dogs, so do read on… Auckland Council is one of those smart businesses that has invested in fleet bikes and importantly, on training

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Training for Tour of Northland

I have asserted before that riding an ebike regularly keeps you fit. It’s true, I am quite fit. But am I fit enough for a 4-day cycle race? That’s an interesting question… My Challenge I have entered BDO Tour of Northland, a 4-day stage race over 360km going Whangarei-Russell-Paihia-Opononi-Dargaville-Whangarei. Apparently it’s fun, but my bike won’t have a motor. Eeek!

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Two years of commuting – costs and benefits

A year ago I wrote a retrospective. That first year involved lots of learning and discovery. The second year has been more of a ‘business as usual’ period, but I still enjoy every day as much. For me the benefits are fun, no frustration, fitness, friendliness (of other riders), freedom. Maybe financial too. Summary: f’ing good. Lately the bottom bracket and

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Alec Tang’s ebike eventures

I spend a lot of time zipping around Auckland on two (self-powered) wheels.  I am a daily cycle commuter covering around 30km a day to and from work, doing an extra-long loop in the mornings to spend a bit more time in the saddle.  My weekends also generally involve at least one outing on a modern velocipede.  So what would

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