This is a selection of sites that I find to be useful resources:

NZ Dealers and Distributors:

  • Smartmotion Bikes
  • ecycles – Home of Onya and conversions –
  • Evolution Cycles (Evo) – good range of ebikes online and in-store –
  • AvantiPlus – Avanti and Scott
  • Bikes and Barbers (retail for ecycles). Christian knows ebikes inside and out – Newmarket and Devonport – Onya, SmartMotion, Moustache –
  • Spokesman Cycles Blenheim (owned by B&B)
  • Electric Bike Team (was Electric Bicycle Hub) – Maurice is a wealth of experience and information – selling eZee, Kalkhoff, Focus, Gepida, Magnum, Brompton – via facebook
  • MeloYelo – includes a useful buyers guide –
  • Electrify – Michael is importer of Magnum, Kreidler and Bottecchia – stores nationwide –
  • Flux – importers and retailers of a range of Euro bikes especially Haibike –
  • Anebike – Moustache, Hiko, Fleetwood –
  • Volto – NZ ebikes –
  • Bicycle Junction – Wellington (e)bike shop –
  • Lekkie – Bafang-based conversions from EVLAB and Daryl Neal, Smartmotion designer –
  • Think Electric Bikes – Devonport –
  • Torpedo7 – Trek, Focus, Magnum, Giant –
  • eBike Studio – Queenstown – importers of Moustache, Fleetwood – (and rental business Charge About)
  • Action Bicycle Club – Great shop in Christchurch

Some technical sites:

Please feel free to comment if you have any favourites.

Some other urban/commuter bike pages:

Articles about ebikes and buying ebikes:

Family member sites, just because I can


  • My wife and I purchased Hiko Pulse bikes 3 years ago and until August this year when mine was stolen we rode regularly without a hint of trouble.
    Very well spec’d compared with many more expensive bikes.
    I have ordered an exact replacement.
    If you are offered a white Hiko Bike Pulse without a battery and charger please give me a call. Murray 0274540296.

  • Hi all looks as if I will be part one of moving out to NZ due to job etc with family coming out later. Any tips on the commute will be working at MIT and want to recce surrounding areas ,thanks in advance

  • Hi, have you found anything out about the Hikobike yet? I’m thinking of purchasing my first ever ebike and when I saw this bike at Mystery Creek, it looked good.

    • I haven’t reviewed any Hiko bikes in recent times. You get what you pay for. I think your best buys lie with Main brands unless you want something they don’t have.

  • Hi,
    another good information website is the UK ebike discussion forums at
    This has been going since about 2005 and it is a good resource for more technical information about electric bikes

  • Glad I found this site – I look after someone who had a stroke and despite being told he would probably never do anything again he got a manual bike but didn’t have the strength for hills. I got him a folding Volto quite cheaply which has done him nearly 5 years and has given him back his independence. I have heard that ebikes don’t have a long life span so hav saved this site to review when he will need to replace. Thanks.

  • Hi, Where can I read the Hiko review?

  • Hi, nice review on the Hikobike. I did think ‘Magnum’ when i saw it (and i stock the Magnum in my shop). Do you know much about the company? Its the first time i have seen one. I am based down in Devonport, by the way, currently stocking SmartMotion, Pedego, Volto and Magnum.

    • Hi Jonno – I met you in Devonport at one of the Mercury sessions. I am trying to find out a bit more about Hiko – their products look interesting and well thought out. Watch this space.

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