This is a selection of sites that I find to be useful resources:

NZ Dealers and Distributors:

  • Smartmotion Bikes
  • ecycles – Home of Onya and conversions –
  • Evolution Cycles (Evo) – good range of ebikes online and in-store –
  • AvantiPlus – Avanti and Scott
  • Bikes and Barbers (retail for ecycles). Christian knows ebikes inside and out – Newmarket and Devonport – Onya, SmartMotion, Moustache –
  • Spokesman Cycles Blenheim (owned by B&B)
  • Electric Bike Team (was Electric Bicycle Hub) – Maurice is a wealth of experience and information – selling eZee, Kalkhoff, Focus, Gepida, Magnum, Brompton – via facebook
  • MeloYelo – includes a useful buyers guide –
  • Electrify – Michael is importer of Magnum, Kreidler and Bottecchia – stores nationwide –
  • Flux – importers and retailers of a range of Euro bikes especially Haibike –
  • Anebike – Moustache, Hiko, Fleetwood –
  • Volto – NZ ebikes –
  • Bicycle Junction – Wellington (e)bike shop –
  • Lekkie – Bafang-based conversions from EVLAB and Daryl Neal, Smartmotion designer –
  • Think Electric Bikes – Devonport –
  • Torpedo7 – Trek, Focus, Magnum, Giant –
  • eBike Studio – Queenstown – importers of Moustache, Fleetwood – (and rental business Charge About)
  • Action Bicycle Club – Great shop in Christchurch

Some technical sites:

Please feel free to comment if you have any favourites.

Some other urban/commuter bike pages:

Articles about ebikes and buying ebikes:

Family member sites, just because I can



  • Hi, have you found anything out about the Hikobike yet? I’m thinking of purchasing my first ever ebike and when I saw this bike at Mystery Creek, it looked good.

    • I haven’t reviewed any Hiko bikes in recent times. You get what you pay for. I think your best buys lie with Main brands unless you want something they don’t have.

  • Hi,
    another good information website is the UK ebike discussion forums at
    This has been going since about 2005 and it is a good resource for more technical information about electric bikes

  • Glad I found this site – I look after someone who had a stroke and despite being told he would probably never do anything again he got a manual bike but didn’t have the strength for hills. I got him a folding Volto quite cheaply which has done him nearly 5 years and has given him back his independence. I have heard that ebikes don’t have a long life span so hav saved this site to review when he will need to replace. Thanks.

  • Hi, Where can I read the Hiko review?

  • Hi, nice review on the Hikobike. I did think ‘Magnum’ when i saw it (and i stock the Magnum in my shop). Do you know much about the company? Its the first time i have seen one. I am based down in Devonport, by the way, currently stocking SmartMotion, Pedego, Volto and Magnum.

    • Hi Jonno – I met you in Devonport at one of the Mercury sessions. I am trying to find out a bit more about Hiko – their products look interesting and well thought out. Watch this space.

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