What’s happening on legislation in NZ

I’ve been hearing all manner of myths and rumours about “what is imminent” mostly originating from a few retailers who have a certain thing to sell, and are intent on spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) on everything else.

Here is what I believe to be true, from reliable sources:

  • There is currently no progress on LEV legislation at NZTA (Light electric vehicles include ebikes). This might start up again next year as part of a wider review programme (depending on what the Minister decides to prioritise).
  • Adopting the Euro legislation and 25kph speed limit is not likely
  • Banning throttles on ebikes is not on the cards (and why would it be?). The current laws require the bike to be designed to be primarily pedal operated. Mopeds are and always will be a separate class of vehicle.
  • There was a view that the power constraint would be changed from 300W so something else, because 300W is just a random number and 300W bikes/motors are not available anywhere (resulting in widespread violation of this rule anyway). It is likely to be raised and better defined rather than lowered, in part to enable use for cargo bikes and as a mobility aid.
  • A “speed limit” has been talked about, but there will be rules for who/what/when that can be exceeded.

Regardless of what NZTA do decide, any changes will be well signalled in advance and won’t apply retrospectively. So go ahead, and buy that bike with confidence and don’t pay any attention to FUD.

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