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      So I am a reasonably fit woman in late 40’s looking to get an e-bike primarily for commuting to work (approx 15km each way) from West Auckland to central city, and a few urban rides on the weekend maybe.  I’m an experience mountainbiker so used to riding a bike but want to cut down on commute time to work and not have to shower at work in the mornings.

      I’ve researched on this site and others in terms of what might suit me and will head out this weekend for some test rides but keep asking myself ‘am I on the right track?’  What I think I should be looking for is a commuter bike, mountain bike 27.5 tyres punture resistant, mid drive, torque sensor, good lights, probably a step through or easy entry.  Happy to spend up to $5k.  Any recommendations on what to look at and where?

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      Hi Leanne, I am getting a 29er Specialized hardtail converted with TSDZ2 mid drive motor. Battery will be a 52 volt 24amp pack. I haven’t got the bike yet but according to the guy who converted it it should go up to 60 km/h. The mid drive has a torque sensor and is pedal assist only. Conversion is 2200,- that’s parts and labour and shipping from China…mates rate. I haven’t ridden it yet but from the reviews I read this seems to be a really good option for what I want to do. Google : TSDZ2 mid drive and see what you think. Cheers,M.

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      Hi Leanne, did you end up making a decision?

      My own experience suggests that after a 15km ebike ride you will probably still want to take a shower. In summer, just the fact that you are moving your legs will get you in a lather, and in winter, there is a high chance of getting wet. My advice is to accept the inevitable and assume that you need to change (plus/minus a shower) at the other end.

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