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      Hi Guys,

      Ive had 5  ebike’s in the 10 years I’ve lost my license due to medical issues and it’s been an awesome & fun workaround from driving.
      I might have the fanatical opportunity to buy another new E-bike and I always like to go fast (since I have owned a 1000CC superbike before) but all my older Ebikes have been the NZ usual power limit of 300 watts and travel a peak speed of 40k’s which is actually isn’t too bad when you’re riding in the suburbs on 50k rds.
      So my main queston I’m asking you guys is about  NZ laws and police about using an over powered bike on the streets mainly as a commuter. Would if a cop went past me travelling on an Ebike at 50 k’s know that is more than the legal power and stop me? What would happen there? Would I just get a fine and be let off? Or would it get down to them taking my bike and leaving me stranded?

      I will have money to pay the fine but wouldn’t want to. 🙁

      Also my parents live up north 160 k’s away and could I get away with riding this Ebike up there? It would be at least a 4-hour ride I would think? And I would need a couple of re-charges adding a lot more time if it doesn’t have a faster charge than my old 3-hour trickle charges. I’m thinking a full suspension stealth Ebike if that would pass by the cops?

      Thanks for the long read and for any advice you could give me?

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      I think you would be noticed on a Stealth. Ironic that eh?

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      I am a newbie for electric bike uk, I got a ebike just now for daily commute. It really helps me.

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Forums Commuting Higher speed and NZ laws?