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      I have had a couple of different ebikes (Scott eSilence and now a Hybrid Speedmaster) and on both I found that the cassette wore very quickly – I started experiencing issues with gear changes at around 2000kms and had to replace both chain and cassette.  Googling indicates this can be a common issue, and I want to find out if it is the way I use the bike that is an issue, or just something to be expected based on the torque applied by the motor.

      Any advice appeciated.

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      Hi Michelle, how are you? From what I’ve heard that seems to be about normal. Do you have a chain wear measuring thingy? That is useful to determine when to replace the chain, and you should be able to get 2-3 chains per cassette. OTOH my rear hub Specialized goes through about 1 cassette in 15,000kms.

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