eBikes I have ridden (quick reviews)

I haven’t had much time to do full reviews lately, but Auckland Transport has put on some great community events, so here are some bikes I have ridden when I got the chance:

  1. Riese & Muller Tinker – A compact 20″ wheel bike with folding stem. The version I rode had a Bosch Performance motor with 45km/h. This is a sophisticated bike that totally belies its size. If you need something that can slide under a desk, then the Tinker has few compromises. I loved their Nevo and Delite too. See this article.
  2. Specialized Como and Vado – I previously reviewed the very first Vado 3.0 and have ridden many bikes since. The Vado – and it’s sibling Como – is one of the most sophisticated all-rounders. If you appreciate a nice bike then you will love this. Its natural home is commuting (Vado goes 45 while Como is limited to 32) but it could happily do light trails too. Starting at $4,400 you are getting a lot of sophistication and performance for your money. Como is for cruising along in a very relaxed style, Vado is more sporty in its geometry and feel.
  3. Del Sol LXi – At first glance it looks just like a generic import, but on closer inspection it is anything but. It is one of the lightest bikes on the market and has a great selection of parts chosen for lightness and performance. The Shimano Steps 6100 is (haha) a step up from the entry level 6000 and still offers a quiet and sophisticated ride with, now with more grunt (60Nm vs 50Nm). I rather liked this bike, it had a nice comfortable and satisfying ride feel. $3799 says the ticket.
  4. Moustache xRoad 7 Full Suspension – ElectricMeg and I have always had a soft spot for Moustache. They make stylish bikes that perform well and are well supported in NZ. The Bosch Performance CX motor is powerful and reliable, and now 100mm of travel front and rear also helps you in the – um – rear. I can’t think of a more versatile bike under $10k – this is $8395. R&M Delite with two batteries wins the versatile test but it will set you back $12k or thereabouts.
  5. eZee Expedir – Cargo bikes are hot but not everyone wants a ‘bakfiets’ that ends up being a bit cumbersome. A long-tail cargo bike will cart 2 kids on the back and/or allow you to haul plenty of stuff. Maurice from EBT uses one for expos, carrying flags etc and four bikes on a trailer. What I like about the Expedir is that it otherwise rides like a fairly standard step-through ebike.

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ElectricBazza as ride leader on an Onya F-19

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