What’s New in NZ ebikes

It looks to be interesting times in the ebike world with most manufacturers launching new models. I attended EV World recently where a few wholesalers were showing their wares, and a Specialized product launch. I’ll be covering these in some more detail with actual reviews including my now famous hill climbing mega test!

Here are some impressions.

Smartmotion – the company that actually designs bikes in NZ has been busy. They have a full-suspension Bafang mid-drive bike called HyperSonic. Then there is a Bafang mid-drive Pacer called GT that also has a 50mm head shock. I believe they are also working on all new replacements for the venerable eCity/eUrban range. Tests will e ridden this weekend.

Scott – has a very slick looking mid drive powered by Brose called e Silence. It looks very nicely finished. It will come in a 25km/h ($5300) and a 45 km/h version (~$6500). I have been promised a test ride.

Onya – the brand of Bikes & Barbers/ ecycles.nz has a few new Onyas including a mid-drive MTB-styled all-round bike and a step through.

eZee – finally has come to the torque sensor and LCD display party with the Primero. It uses a more conventional frame with a familiar Reention battery pack and the same rear motor from the Forza.

Specialized – along with this year’s Vado, the big S has introduced Como. The Vado is a purposeful rider’s bike, while the Como is a bit more fun and cruisy. Same v1.2 Brose motors that is topping the Liverpool St climb leaderboard. The Vado has had its speed limit upped to 45 so a relative steal at $5800, the Como sits at 32 and $4800. I’ll be testing one soon. The full-sus Levo’s have up-rated v1.3 motors and are now up to 32 too – which makes them a bit more vialble for occasional errand and commuting duties. They have also brought in the long travel 180mm Kenevo, otherwise identical to the Levo range.

Juiced – the Crosscurrent is getting an upgrade to the Crosscurrent S, with all new electronics. I’ll be getting one of these to test as soon as it arrives, and I’ll be attempting the Taupo Challenge on-board one of these.

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