• I ride a smart motion bike – have had it for three years and love it but I also do some of NZ trails and find tyres a bit narrow. Thinking of upgrading to a road / off road bike with bigger tyres – one I could use for ‘timber trail ‘ for example. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not a fast or extremely fit person just someone who loves cycling out nz trails.

  • It is good they have opted for a speed of 32km/hr rather than restricting wattage. They have not ruled out throttles either which many find useful for crossing busy junctions and starting off or temporarily increasing speed. The Europeans have opted for mid engines mainly because of the 250watt restriction and the additional torque they provide over same power hub motor.

    The review was much more realistic and thorough than I had anticipated. We should get some realistic regulations as a result. It has recognised that we inhabit a hilly and mountainous country and appears to keen on getting more folk on to E-bikes. Hub motors are cheaper and if more powerful can provide all the torque required for steeper hills. It is good to have a choice of motor, whereas in Europe the low wattage favours mid engined bikes.

    • There is no need to restrict speed. I rode my roadie into work this week and I felt so much less safe than on my ebike. Not much speed difference, but a massive safety difference. Ebikes are inherently safer than regular bikes. Limiting speed on the road is unnecessary and tantamount to killing the potential of ebikes as transport.

  • Hello thank you for this site. Can you offer any advice on the FOLDING e -bikes as I am considering buying one – for convenience for packing away in my station-wagon boot. I’ve testes the e-motion and the Rikonda brands in CHristchurch

    • The only one I have tested is the Onya F-19 which I can recommend. The Rikonda bikes are generic Chinese imports. e-motion make quality bikes, just make sure the battery is big enough for your needs.

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