I am starting to ‘get’ eMTBs

I did a review on the Specialized Levo a few weeks ago and loved the bike. Since then I’ve been talking to people about their thoughts on eMTBs.

The MTB e-zines are full of articles and discussions with severely polarizing responses. Here is just one example.

In general rational people are not against eMTBs. They seem them as a choice — perhaps not for them — but not one that will adversely affect them in any way.

There is a group of often older riders who like doing rail-trail-like journeys with their friends, and for whom an ebike might be a help if they can no longer keep up. Few saw them as a substitute for getting fit, but rather as a means to stay with the pack when something adverse has happened health-wise.

Here’s how it goes:

“A bunch of us mates go for a regular MTB ride in XXX Forest. We’re all in our 60s now, and we all know that it takes longer and longer to recover from injury or sickness. If I found that I can no longer join them because of injury, I’m buying an e-bike. I’m not going to miss out on the social occasion and the enjoyment of being on on a MTB. We’d all feel the same way and eventually we’ll all have ebikes.”

Who could disagree with that, even the purist cyclists among us?


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