Being overtaken by a bright orange Pedego when commuting on my road bike was one of my primary motivations to switching to an ebike for commuting.

Bike Friendly North Shore

Pedego Downtown Mountain climbing? No problem.

I never quite ‘got’ the e-bike thing, why would you want a motor on a bicycle? For someone traveling long distances or hauling heavy cargo maybe, but bikes are so easy to ride anyway, even on Auckland’s hills. As an old-skool cyclist I thought using a motor was just plain cheating. It is, isn’t it?

It took one ride on the orange cruiser above for me to ‘get it’, in fact by the time I had climbed that first hill out of Browns Bay (where I picked-up the bike) I was ‘getting it’ big-time. The next couple of hours were a bit of a revelation to me, not just the appeal of electric-assistance but also the charms of a ‘sit-up-and-beg’ riding position.

Juice Factory Mmmmmmm, electricity.

Bute Bikes have several brands and models for sale but Chris thought I might enjoy the Pedego Comfort Cruiser. He blathered on…

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