Mercury Hamilton Promo weekend

ElectricMeg and I spent the weekend in Hamilton as part of a promo that Mercury is doing around ebikes. The idea is to promote electric bikes as a good thing to do with electricity. I agree with that!

Mercury has bought 20 ebikes – Smartmotion eCity and various BH bikes and are running events around the region so that people can have a go, and hopefully buy and ride an ebike.


Try an eBike

Our job was to ensure that riders could safely ride so they could go out on the course and have fun on the bikes.

We probably send 150+ people out over the two days – there was a constant flow of keen folks.

What did we learn?

Everyone, EVERYONE, came back with a big smile. Awesome! was the most used expression of the day, and ‘fun’ was close behind. Opinions were split between preferring the Smartmotions which are a step through commuter style, and the BH bikes which were most MTB style bikes.

Thanks to Mercury for this amazing initiative – I hope it works out well for them.