Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Short Travel Comp 29

Let’s get some quick questions out of the way: Is it fun to ride? Hell, yeah! Is it a great mountain bike? Yes, definitely. I could rail corners and do drops that I can’t on my XC bike. Is it the best eMTB on the market? Along with it’s 27+ siblings, likely yes. So when are you going to buy one

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BH e-motion Evo 27.5

I rode this bike in Hamilton where ElectricMeg and I were working at the Mercury try an ebike days. Bikes International distribute a range of BH bikes mostly through the Bike Barn chain and Waikato/Online retailer Evolution Cycles. They are all geared rear hub designs and mostly with a battery integrated into the down tube. Painted in yellow for Mercury

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Mercury Hamilton Promo weekend

ElectricMeg and I spent the weekend in Hamilton as part of a promo that Mercury is doing around ebikes. The idea is to promote electric bikes as a good thing to do with electricity. I agree with that! Mercury has bought 20 ebikes – Smartmotion eCity and various BH bikes and are running events around the region so that people

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