Monthly Archives: September 2018

Smartmotion midCity – smart just got smarter

midCity is Smartmotion’s new generation update to bring the venerable eCity — NZ’s most popular ebike — into the current era of mid-drives. It is a ground-up redesign that achieves its goals. This is a sophisticated bike that can at least match the Euro rivals, and go a bit faster too. They’ve done some work on the graphics and colours,

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Wisper Wildcat Carbon

High end bikes are almost all made from carbon fibre – not just for light weight – but because it gives the designers more flexibility to get exactly the ride characteristics they want. There is no reason why this shouldn’t apply to high-end ebikes too. In this case, it does lend lightness – it was noticeably lighter than the Levo

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Napier by ebike

One of the best ways to discover a destination is to take a bike tour, an ebike tour is even better. You can cover a lot more area. For around five years, Brian from Fishbike in Napier has been taking tourists out on bikes from his base on Marine Parade. When I last looked three years or so ago there

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Two years of commuting – costs and benefits

A year ago I wrote a retrospective. That first year involved lots of learning and discovery. The second year has been more of a ‘business as usual’ period, but I still enjoy every day as much. For me the benefits are fun, no frustration, fitness, friendliness (of other riders), freedom. Maybe financial too. Summary: f’ing good. Lately the bottom bracket and

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Chatting with Riese & Müller

While outside Aucklanders were rushing around in their cars in increasing numbers, getting frustrated with traffic, yelling at cyclists, and generally getting stressed, I was learning about the future… and that is eMobility. I met with Catrin and Timo visiting from Germany — who look after international markets for Riese & Müller. They were visiting Maurice from Electric Bike Team, their dealer in New Zealand. The company was

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