Monthly Archives: September 2017

Riese & Müller Nevo – is this the best step-through?

When I mention step-through frames to people, I can see their brains ticking over pictures of nanna-on-a-bike, and men in particular get a look of revulsion… If I showed them a picture of this Riese & Müller, I think I’d get a very different reaction! ElectricMeg and I were talking to the head of R&D from a major bike corporation the

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Smartmotion Pacer GT Preview

I was lucky to be able to preview the new Pacer GT – an update to the Pacer with a mid drive motor, belt drive and Nuvinci continuously variable gearbox. The bike I rode is a prototype so details may change when it goes to production. The first batch are rolling out more-or-less as tested. Smartmotion explained they are looking

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What’s New in NZ ebikes

It looks to be interesting times in the ebike world with most manufacturers launching new models. I attended EV World recently where a few wholesalers were showing their wares, and a Specialized product launch. I’ll be covering these in some more detail with actual reviews including my now famous hill climbing mega test! Here are some impressions. Smartmotion – the

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Why we do what we do on our way

I don’t often get abused by motorists (thanks Auckland!) but it does happen, and I know there are frequently head shakes and tut tuts going on. If we can establish two things as fact: (a) the infrastructure we ride on is mostly not well designed for us, often hostile; and (b) the laws favour motorists and typically treat cyclists as

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