It’s no secret that I really enjoyed Juiced’s CrossCurrent, so it’s no great surprise that this bike too is fun. After all, the 48V electrics are the same. Instead of the sporty orientation of the CrossCurrent, Juiced has gone for relaxed and fun with the OceanCurrent. It comes in a one-size-fits-all frame and colour options that sound like the spec for Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I liked the ride – it was quite fast and powered up my hill test in 2:24 despite the wicked headwind. The riding position at first takes some getting used to – ElectricMeg noted that taking hands off to signal made her feel a bit uneasy at first. It is super-comfy though, you are upright and relaxed. The upright position with relatively low top tube really does mean that one size will suit most riders. I’m sure that helps keep costs down too.

Remember this bike sells with a 499Wh/10.4Ah(48V) battery for $2299. That’s a well spec’d bike with torque sensor (and thumb throttle), so it feels natural and controlled when you ride it. It’s a good looking bike, the green review bike turned heads at the trendy La Cigale market on a rainy Saturday (maybe they just thought we were bonkers now that I think about it). The Shimano mechanical disk brakes are smooth and powerful and the 7sp Acera gears with twist shift worked well. You don’t get suspension fork or fancy displays but I really didn’t miss either. The big balloon tyres and the wrap-around handlebars take up the shocks. I found the huge seat comfortable, but ElectricMeg thought it a bit on the hard side.

You can also tell that it is a bike made to a price-point by the sheer number of cable ties used, rather than internal cable routing and special clips that you’d find on a $5000+ bike. Remember, $2299… If you had to remove the rear wheel to repair a puncture, you’d need to clip off a cable tie first before you could unclip the electrics. Small things, but real things. $2299…

The battery capacity should probably be enough for 40-60km of cruising, but if you really like to cruise far or go especially fast then you can get larger capacity batteries that are also compatible with the CrossCurrent range.

Who should buy this bike?

  • You don’t take life too seriously
  • You’ll use it when you feel like it, not for every day commuting (where you want lights, racks and mudguards)
  • You reckon spending more then $2299 seems ridiculous for a bicycle
  • Anyone who has a bach in Omaha or Pauanui
  • Anyone who lives in Mission Bay (others can buy it too, it’s OK). I think it would be nice on those Hawkes Bay wine trails too…

Where can you get one?

Where can I get more info? (note specs may vary for non-NZ sites)

Photo Gallery (apologies for poor quality – it was raining)