Monthly Archives: January 2017

Lumos Kickstart helmet – it’s a bit flash eh!

I’ve got helmets for every occasion — commuting, MTB, Enduro — old ones, new ones, even ones with cracks in that ElectricMeg uses for safety demos. I also have  a bit of a light fetish – I have all sorts – and often attach a Gloworm X1 and battery for added effect. So do I need a helmet with flashing

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Torque Sensor vs Cadence Sensor – which is better?

Ask almost anyone in ebike sales and they will tell you ‘torque sensors are more sophisticated/ more expensive/ more better’. It is partially true (i.e. not an overt lie) but it doesn’t mean that a bike with torque sensor is the best for your needs. Anyway, what’s the difference? A cadence sensor detects if you are pedalling, tells the controller, which then

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